Upload of own data sets


Dear Early Adopters,

Some of you approached us and asked for the possibilities to upload own data sets to ESDL. While you may upload small files via the “Upload Files” button of JupyterLab, this is certainly not the way to go for larger data sets.

The scientifically sound and consistent approach would be to write a small software plugin, a so called “Provider”, to generate a valid ESDL variable from your data, thus ensuring identical data treatment to the other cube variables. This could be done on your own hardware and we could then upload the data to a user space different to your work space and make it available in ESDL.

We are currently trying to understand the relevance of being able to upload and work with your own data and thus ask you to indicate your requirements in this respect (if any). You may directly answer in this thread or drop us an Email if you want your privacy respected. Please, indicate the size of the data you want to have available in ESDL and the number of upload events, e.g. one time upload or regular uploads. How much support would you need to be able to generate the data layers on your own?