Update about the supplement cubes in Earth System Data Lab

Explanation of content change between ESDCv2.0.0_suppl and ESDCv2.1.1_suppl

Version ESDCv2.1.1_suppl does not contain cube CUBE_V2.0.0_global_spatially_optimized_0.25deg_pp.zarr anymore due
to issues with one of the calculations in the PP code that impacts the distribution of PAR over the day.
This has impact on the PP estimates as well. PML has updated (corrected) the code and recalculated the PP products.
However, the update of the cube to Earth System Data Lab is not scheduled yet.

If you need to access the cube CUBE_V2.0.0_global_spatially_optimized_0.25deg_pp.zarr, it is still stored in an aws
s3 bucket with public-read access:

your ESDL Team