Telecon for Early Adopter feedback

Dear selected Early Adopters and ESDL users,

we would like to offer a teleconference between the ESDL team and the Early Adopters where:

  1. Users can provide feedback on their experience using the ESDL so far
  2. Users may ask questions regarding the usage of the ESDL which are better phrased in a telecon than in this forum
  3. Early adopters may provide a short update on the results obtained within their projects so far and get some initial feedback form the core team as well as other users and to provide us with an overview of the work being done.

We would propose two dates for the telecon: June 19, 3pm CEST and June 20, 3pm CEST. We would ask you to indicate your interest in participating and if you want to share a few slides about your work. Please also mention which of the dates would work for you so that we can decide if we will provide one or two meetings. Once we know the rough number of participants and the agenda we will provide you with the connection details in another message.

Best regards,

the ESDL team.

Dear ESDL team,

I would welcome such a meeting and prefer June 19th.
It would be interesting to see what the projects of other Early Adopters look like and what their experiences are using the ESDL.
For my part, I can prepare some slides but as my project is still work in progress, it would be very short.

Best regards,


I would prefer to have the meeting June 20th.

Best regards,

I’d be interested in attending and would be able to share some initial results from my project.

I’m unable to attend on the 19th June and so would prefer the 20th.

Many thanks!

Dear ESDL team,
I prefer June 20, 3pm. Hopefully, I will be able to present some slides until then, but I am not certain.
Best regards,

I’d prefer the 20th and I could present some slides.


Thanks to all who replied so far and expressed interest in a meeting. I would suggest to have a teleconference on Thursday, June 20, starting at 3pm CEST. @lcrocetti you indicated you would prefer June 19, would June 20 work for you as well.

Since we are not too many participants it will be possible for everyone who is interested to present a few slides. We will prepare a rough agenda and share the connection information before Thursday.

Best regards,

Yes, June 20th works for me as well.


Hi all,

I also prefer the 20th option. My work has not been so productive. I have run into problems with the methods I was planning to use (convergent cross mapping) and have concentrated on how to improve the algorithms rather than running expensive computations in the data. I have a proposal deadline on the 20th as well, so no fancy slides from my side but I can share how is it going with my project and alternatives so far.



I prefer to have a meeting on 20th June.


Agenda and Link for the meeting today

Dear early adopters. The feedback meeting will start today at 3 pm CEST (or 1pm GMT).
Please follow this link to join the meeting:

As a rough agenda we would suggest the following points:

  1. A short introduction by the ESDL team
  2. Possibility to present slides for Early adopters
  3. General feedback by the users, in particular suggestions what could be improved about the system
  4. Closing remarks by the ESDL team

We are looking forward to seeing many of you today,

Best regards

Fabian Gans

Hi Fabian,

I will be there later today. One short question - do we have to consider something in case we want to present some slides? These are just powerpoint slides and we can then show them by sharing our screen? And it should be something like 3-5 min?



Hi Fabian,

I’m unlikely now to be able to have slides ready by 3pm, but will still be able to join for the meeting/provide feedback.

Many thanks,

Summary of the Early adopters feedback call

Thanks to everyone who participated in the call yesterday, I think it was a very informative meeting and provided valuable feedback to us. A short summary of the meeting:

Collected feedback by the users, to be discussed at next project meeting

  • code organization in jupyter lab difficult, not a fullblown IDE like e.g. PyCharm so developing new libraries is difficult
  • uploading user data is not trivial
  • demo notebook about how to upload and organize custom data sets would be desirable
  • more information about included datasets required:
    • original resolution
    • uncertainty information, quality flags
    • details about the applied aggregation method
  • land mask and country mask contain only NaNs
  • elevation dataset would be good to have
  • for Julia document better how to make wrapper functions for the Julia ecosystem functions
  • add (back) an R interface for the cube
  • add vegetation indices
  • Julia interface very unintuitive to some users, difficult to convert data to a dataframe to be used in statistical models
  • missing library functions in Julia
  • extension of the report submission deadline was requested

Unanswered questions regarding the Early adopters process

  1. how exactly shall the code be submitted for the project report
  2. how to access the latest version of the Colombia Cube from object store
  3. a demo on how to parallelize python computations and clarification on which resources are available (Alicja already clarified that there is a guaranteed minimum of 4 CPUs per user)

Answers to these will be posted here in the forum very soon.

Above is a summary of my notes from yesterday’s meeting. Sorry for the many edits, I accidentally hit the send button too early. If I forgot anything you would prefer to be mentioned, then please post your suggestions.

Dear Fabian, dear Miguel,

thanks again for organizing the meeting yesterday. I found it quite helpful and also very interesting to see on what the other early adopters are working. And thanks also for making all the efforts, I can imagine that it is quite a lot of work to keep everything happy and the system running with probably not too much resources.

Just one small thing - as this has been discussed quite a bit: In case there would be an extension of the deadline for the reports - it would be good to know this early to have more time to plan :slight_smile:

However, you might have mentioned that you have to check back with ESA concerning this in the upcoming meeting. I don’t fully remember.

And just once more: The R interface would be really really great (i saw that you mention it - this is just a somewhat complicated “thumbs up” for this point ;-D) for me and for a lot of colleagues of mine as well :slight_smile:




Thanks for the slides! I will show them in an internal ESA meeting tomorrow. Of course with your name on each slide and without modifications!

Hi Fabian,

Our group unfortunately also missed the telecon last week.

Has there been any instructions on the submission of code and report, and whether there is an extension of the deadline? The deadline is coming up in two days (sunday), and I don’t believe we’ll be able to finish the report and format it as required today. We’d also welcome a small extension to the deadline. :slight_smile:

Our analysis flow combines both Python and R - so we’d like to join the others wishing for an R interface to the cube. So far we’ve managed by reading the cube with python, writing netcdf to the workspace and reading the netcdf with R. We also did some tests whether we could use reticulate package to interface Python and to read the cube directly with R, but so far we were not able to transfer the variables from Python to R.

Best regards,

Hi Fabian
We would like to know if there has been set a new deadline for the report, we didn’t send it on june 30 because we didn’t know if the date was modified.
Thank you!