Server Connection Error

I’ve been having a Server Connection Error when I try to enter any of the folders.

I really don’t have an idea as to why.

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Hello Maximiliano,

thank you for the message, I hope to be able to address this issue during downtime tomorrow morning while updating the certificates.

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Hi, im trying to acces to the lab, and it says: 403 Forbbiden. This has never happened to me before.

Hi daniela,

do I see correctly, that you are accessing the EarthSystemDataLab via the account HiperMaximus? Could you please try again? I do not see the reason, why you got this error yesterday. I have been able to access your server without any problems just a few minutes ago.

Best regards,

No, im accessing vía my account, i recently change my github name maybe it has to do with that, the previous one was /debbieocta and the new one is /mdlizarazo

Hi Daniela,
yes, the name change might have been the issue. I added your new account name to the jupyterhub. Could you try if everything works fine for you? Is it okay if I delete your old account name?