Reading material Julia / Jupyter notebooks


Hallo everyone,

I have a quick question: I have so far been using almost exclusively R in my work (some Phython, but really just at a beginner’s level - adapting some existing code etc.) but want to use the ESDL early adopter project to learn Julia and get acquainted with the Jupyter Notebooks as well.

For those who already more familiar with Julia and Jupyter - can you make some recommendations concerning Tutorials, books, (online) training materials which you found to be useful?




Hello Fabian,

for learning jupyter I don’t know learning material besides the documentation, but I think it will not be too hard to get started working with it, probably just joining one of our tutorials should be sufficient to learn how to use jupyter.

Regarding Julia, it depends a bit how much time you can spend and what kind of resources you prefer. An overview of learning material is here: In particular If you like watching tutorials, this would be a good start:

or for reading I would suggest this for a quick overview or this tutorial for a deep dive with many examples and more complex problems to solve.

I personally still like the official manual

a lot. I started learning Julia by reading the manual and it gives you a good overviewof what is possible and different from other languages.


Great! Thanks so much for the fast response and providing links to all these materials. I will have a look at these over the next weeks. In case that I will find other useful materials, I will continously update the thread.


For people coming from other languages I would especially recommend to have a look into: