Problems with the system?

Since yesterday (Saturday 15. June) I have various problems with the Jupyter environment. Even loading the packages leads to errors or crashes or at least nothing is happening. For a certain time I was not even able to launch a Notebook as there was no space available according to the error message.

All these problems refer to code that has been working fine so far.

Is there any problem with the system?

I also have the feeling tha tthe system got very slow. Some processes that used to last a couple of minutes, now take several hours.

It is a bit of a bummer because I am really struggling to make progress… the last two days were lost completely :frowning:

I am currently trying to re-run my code once more and will add error messages in case I get some - even though my current problem mostly is that the kernel is busy and nothing is happening. This even happens when just loading packages…

currently it seems to be working again…

well not really… it still crashes regularly… impossible to work.

This should be fixed. PLease tell me if you still have issues.