Online Tutorial Sessions for the ESDL


Dear ESDL users,

We will offer two online training sessions in the next week that will guide you through the first steps and usage of the ESDL interfaces in Python and Julia.

Julia tutorial: Thursday Feb. 21 3pm - 5pm CET
Python tutorial: Friday Feb 22 2pm-4pm CET

During the tutorial we will give an introduction to the ESDL and its capabilities and there will be sufficient time to discuss your questions. If you have questions specific to your use case or you have topic suggestions, you can send them to the tutorial instructor in advance so we can prepare a bit better. If the proposed dates don’t work for many of you, we will offer to repeat the tutorials or a follow-up session depending on demand. We would also ask you to send a short message to indicate your intent to participate to (Julia ESDL tutorial) or (Python ESDL tutorial) so we have an overview of the expected number of participants.

Kind regards,

The ESDL team


The Julia ESDL tutorial will start today!

Time: 3pm CET.

You don’t need to install any software on your computer to follow, you only need a recent web browser to join. Looking forward to seeing you,


Fabian Gans


Dear ESDL Python users,

The tutorial notebook has been made availabe in the shared-nb/Python/Tutorial_2019-02-22 folder!


Gunnar Brandt