New Colombian Data Cube

Dear ESDL users (in particular @daniela @HiperMaximus),

we finally made the version 2.0.1 of the Colombian data cube available in Object store. Main changes are additional variables as well as new variable names that are more CF compliant. You can access these cubes from the python or Julia API:


We created a new CubesStore class to simplfy the access to data stored in object store. Just call

import esdl
from esdl.cube_store import CubesStore

cs = CubesStore()

to see a list of available data cubes and their descriptions. Then you can pick one of them:

mycube = cs['CUBE_V2.0.1_colombia_time_optimized_0.0083deg']


For the julia interface there is a new S3Cube function with which you can access data cubes in object store. Just type

using ESDL

to get help on which cubes are available. Then you pick a data cube using e.g.:

cube = S3Cube(region="Colombia", res="low", chunks = "ts")

to access the low-resolution cube with chunks optimized for time series access.