Introduction to xcube

Dear all,

xcube, a Python package for generating and exploiting data cubes powered by xarray, dask, and zarr, has been added to the earthsystemdatalab.

To get a short introduction about how to use xcube with the earth system datacubes, please navigate within to shared-nb/Python/Tools/Introduction_to_xcube.ipynb

Stay healthy and enjoy exploring new possibilities!
Your ESDL-Team


Thanks for including this - looking forward to getting started with it!

I’m encountering an issue now however that seems to have appeared since the addition of xcube. For the past 2 days, I’m getting 'Directory not found" errors, that appear no matter what directory I’m in. I can still run my scripts etc between ‘directory not found errors’, but these keep popping up and force me to click them up to 20 times in succession before I’m then able to access my script again.

Any help would be much appreciated.

In case someone else runs into this error:
The issue has been fixed for now, and just for reasons of completeness- it is not related to the integration of xcube.

Please contact us in case this error occurs again :slight_smile: