Installing packages - no space left on device



I’m using python and need to access the rasterio package. Over the last couple of days I have been able to install this package, but whenever I try to reaccess the hub the next day, the package is no longer installed and has to be reinstalled before I can use it again.

I’ve just tried to install the package (as it appears to have uninstalled again) and I’m now running into an error saying that there’s ‘no space left on the device’ and so the package cannot be installed. Any help would be much appreciated!

Many thanks


Hi There,

Can you please try again. I will add rasteio to the next release, but that will take a moment to build.

Sorry about teh hassle.

Nga mihi



Hi Helge,

The problem seems to have resolved itself now and I can install rasterio again - thanks!


Always. Give me a yell if that problem comes back.


Hello, I also found this problem today. An error: “no space left on device”. I installed the earth-engine api in the morning, and everything went well. But in the afternoon, it can not run the any scripts now.

Many thanks


Dear KuntaHu,

The idea of ESDL is primarily to use the data available in the data cubes and not to provide users with a general purpose infrastructure for processing sensor data. Please, let us know if you need a specific data set for your use case and we can then discuss the options to make it available to you and other users. The same applies to software packages you may need. The recommended way would be to approach us first to see if we can add it officially to the ESDL environment.

We may discuss these issue here in the forum or you can drop us an email at our support address.

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Hi gunbra32,

Will you consider to install deep learning libraries such as PyTorch, Tensorflow and fastai etc.?
It would be great to apply these frameworks on ESDL cube data.

Thanks & Best,


Hi Puzhao,

you can install the needed libraries yourself via the terminal of the earthsystemdatalab - here you should make sure you are within your workspace. In case you are not able to install the libraries you need, please let us know what error messages you get.

Best regards,


Hello Alicja,

I have downloaded some images into my workspace and installed some libraries of earth engine. But after that, I could not run the scripts and 404 errors would always pop up. Capture

Hope you could help me solve this problem.

Thanks and best,


Hi Xikun,

Can you try again? Can you please tell us whether your images are still there?




Hello Helge,

Thanks very much! I have tried again and everything goes well now. The images are still there. But I have a question about the storage. How much storage can I use for the virtual machine for storing the images?




Hi Xikun,

As indicated above, the purpose of ESDL is not to mass process sensor data and the storage in the work space is this rather limited. If you need more resources, be it for processing or storage, we will have to understand your use case better. You may describe it in an Email or we organise a skype/webex call.