High resolution data for Bavaria/Germany

Would it be possible to create a high-resolution data cube for Bavaria or the whole of Germany similar to the Columbian cube? 1 km Resolution would be ideal, but if that is computationally too intensive a 5km resolution cube would also already help a lot.

The problem with regional cubes is that they would probably need different input data. The data used for the ESDC is mostly based on the ESA CCI datasets which global intermediate resolution datasets. For regional cubes one would have to rely on different high-resolution datasets, collect the data, do the cutouts manually etc. This was quite some effort to do for the Colombian data cube and we do not have the manpower to provide this for additional regions. However, the software that generates the data cubes is open source https://github.com/esa-esdl/esdl-core and we could provide some guidance how to generate your own data cubees. Which variable(s) would you need. Note also that there is a parallel Early Adopter project trying to generate a regional Sentinel cube, so in case you are interested in Sentinel data, you might want contact @felixcremer