End of Earth System Data Lab

Dear ESDL users,
the project on Earth System Data Lab will come an end at the end of this month. Thank you very much for using the service and for contributing to this forum, which will also become unavailable on 28th February 2021.
This is, however, not at all the end of the ESDL approach. Quite the opposite – we are part of the Euro Data Cube platform (EDC) and will move all ESDL cubes there. EDC offers even more data including those from Earth Observation, ESA CCI, Copernicus Services, and even user-provided data and powerful services to exploit them. You may start with the free trial options, participate in upcoming contests, or consider ESA sponsorship for your scientific projects! Check out the www.eurodatacube.com website and contact is in case you have any questions or need advice!
We wish you all the best,
Your ESDL-Team