Early Adopters: Register for Phi Week by 25th July!

somewhat stupid question - but where and when will we meet tomorrow morning? the organizational details of the side events are somehow not very clearly described in the programme…

Not a stupid question at all!

We didn’t have any information until today - so it will be in the room “James Cook” (when you enter ESRIN and walk direction Phi-week the building on your left, first floor … )

See you tomorrow! Some of us will now have a beer at Pibroch (check gmaps!)



I’m sorry to use this forum for an announcement. I’ve lost my laptop today in the main conference room (hence my presentation too). I’m hopeful to locate it tomorrow morning but for my sanity, if anybody has any information I’d appreciate that you would let me know.



As just discussed, we have new notebooks for reproducing our examples https://github.com/esa-esdl/ESDLPaperCode.jl If you go to the notebook of the case study 1, it shows you also how to get the basic info. It is the cubeinfo(cube_handle)command you are looking for

Dear Early Adopters,

I want to thank everyone again in the name of the entire ESDL team for participating in the Early Adopters’ event at Phi Week and even more so for making it such a great success. With your contribution to te side event but also with the other ESDL presentations, the coverage in the social media, and the webstory, the project has been very visible to a large audience of potential new users!

Keeping the momentum, we invite and encourage you to present your work also on the earthsystemdatalab.net webpage. We would create a new subsection and each project could have an own page describing your work and results. You may just use the material you produced for report and presentations. A link to the Jupyter notebook may even provide readers with the opportunity to reproduce your analysis.

Please, contact me to express your intentition to publish your results on the page or in case you have any further questions!