Early Adopters: Register for Phi Week by 25th July!

This is a reminder for the Early Adopters to immediately register for ESA’s Phi Week (it’s free) at https://phiweek.esa.int/esa-eo-phi-week-2019/registration/Site/Register, if you plan to attend the dedicated ESDL side event on 11th September (I strongly encourage you to do so - the entire ESA Phi Week is an exciting event). The registration deadline is 25th July and the “first come, first served priniple” is applied! Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any further questions!

Today is the last chance to register for this year’s Phi week! Do not forget to select the ESDL side event "Exploring the “Earth System Data Lab: Co-Designing the Data Cube Idea”!

Today I recieved an email saying that my registration was not confirmed. I did pre register early so I dont know what to do.
Thank you in advance

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The same thing happened to me.
We registered way in advance but the registration was not confirmed.

How should we proceed?


just a brief info: I registered on June 19th and I did not get any email until now that said that my registration was not confirmed. it is kind of strange that they cancel the registration of some people… never heard that before.

I also got the same email:

Dear Sir or Madame

Unfortunately we are not in a position to reconfirm your pre-registration as we received an overwhelming demand to join thephiweek.esa.int, being way beyond the uptake capability of the ESA/ESRIN site. As a result, for security and safety reasons we are now constrained to strictly limit the access to the site.

Hi, I also received the same e-mail.

Hi, me too.
I got the email yesterday.

Dear Early Adopters,

I am very sorry to hear about your unsuccessful registrations! We are in contact with ESA to sort out the situation and to find a solution. We will keep you informed here!

If you are an Early Adopter and have received a negative response from Phi week, please send an email with your full name to early.adopter@earthsystemdatalab.net as soon as possible. We will then make sure that you can participate in the event! Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused on your side!

ESA is currently taking care of this issue and you should have received (or will receive in the coming days) a positive reply from the Phi Week organisers. Please contact us again via email in case you do not hear anything anything from ESA by 20th August.