Directory not found error

I’ve just started encountering a strange issue which is affecting my ability to run anything on the JupyterHub system. I created a new python nb file about an hour ago, and since then I’ve been encountering pop-ups that keep reappearing, forcing me to restart. These are largely ‘Directory: ‘workspace’’ not found, or that the directory I’m currently working in can’t be found. If I restart however I can access the directory in question (including files) for about a minute before the issue then restarts. This includes being able to run scripts until the pop ups appear again.

Occasionally, it’ll pop up saying that my instance is no longer running - see:

I’m not sure if it’s relevant but I’ve now also had files called ‘jupyerhub_cookie_secret’, ‘’ and ‘jupyterhub.sqlite’ appear in the folder I’m working in now too.

If anyone has any insights this would be much appreciated as I’m unable to run anything at the moment!

Many thanks,