Colombian Cube NaN

Hi! We’ve noticed that for some coordinates there are different numbers of NaN values in time series for some of the variables, for example: in (5,-70) for the ET variable there are 30 NaN values, and for the GPP are less. In order to try to apply some algorithms we need that all of the variables have the same amount of valid values, so i would appreciate if you could tell me why does these NaN values are different from one variable to another, and also how could i deal with this difference. Thank you very much in advance!


since the different variables can generally come from different source it is to be expected, that the missing values don’t align. If your analysis needs only full data, could you filter your data in a way, that you simply omit values where any of the data is missing?

Maybe I did not completely understand the question, so if you could share some example code for what you want to do it would be much easier to help.

Hi, im Daniela, i’m working with Maximiliano.
Yes i could filter it, but first it would be helpful to know if all the variables have the same time data, as in, let’s say the 5th data from one variable its from 2001-11-12, then the 5th data from other variable also corresponds from that date?
Also, we would like to know if there’s alreaady a function in the lab for filling the missing values, 'cause it’s not very desirable to omit those values.
Thank you!